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Kolb Brothers LbNA #43881

Owner:Azroadie Contact
Plant date:Sep 15, 2008
Found by: ???
Last found: Oct 4, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 11, 2022
Walk difficulty: easy
Distance: fairly short

Emery and Ellsworth Kolb were pioneering photographers of the “great canyon” of the Colorado River, having arrived at the canyon in 1901. In 1912 they completed a boat trip down the Colorado River and filmed their adventure with a movie camera – the first to do so. Begun in 1904, the Kolb Brothers built their photographic studio and home right on the shear edge of the canyon. Today, their studio is restored and serves as an art gallery, exhibit venue, and bookstore.

The “Historic Kolb Studio” stamp is inside the restored studio at the passport stamp station. Just after entering the studio, turn right and go all the way to the back canyon observation window and the stamping station.(If the stamp is not there, you can use the passport cancellation stamp)

There is no log book; so, please record your find at or at .

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