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Majestic . . . LbNA #43832

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Oct 4, 2008
Found by: CiJay
Last found: Dec 12, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 4, 2008
To find Majestic cruise up HWY 36 from Susanville. The highway will open up into two lanes. When it starts to merge back together is where you'll need to be ready to turn left. As they merge back together you will note on the left a very large pull over area. Pull in and turn around. You want to slowly head back towards Susanville, just passing the large yellow/orange sign and turn onto the road that veers to the right. This road will bow back around to the highway, so follow it until you see the two fallen trees crossing each other. Hop out and go to the fallen tree that has it's roots exposed. It also has rocks on top of the exposed roots. Go to the exposed roots, and facing it, on left, in a little pocket of the exposed roots, move the decent size rock to find Majestic.

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