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Simply Ingenious LbNA #43686

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Sep 28, 2008
Found by: topcrop
Last found: Apr 13, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 28, 2008
Krak des Chevaliers, also known as Crac des Chevaliers, means "Fortress of the Knights" and is a mixture of French and Arabic. The castle is famous for having served as the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller in Syria during the Crusades. It was considered impenetrable. And it was never taken by force.

The castle occupies a strategically important position east of Tripoli on a high cliff that is above the only route from Antioch to Beirut. .Raymond II, count of Tripoli, gave it to the Hospitallers in 1142.

Under the Hosptiallers, the Krak des Chevaliers was expanded and rebuilt until it became the largest and most powerful Crusader fortress in the entire Holy Land. Its outer wall was 30 meters thick and its seven guard towers each had walls up to 10 meters thick. Massive storage rooms were carved out of the rock, enough to allow the Hospitallers to withstand a siege as long as five years.

Only around 50 actual knights and 2,000 foot soldiers ever stayed there at any one time, but it was more than enough to prevent the Muslims from capturing it. Nur ad-Din laid siege in 1163 and Saladin tried in 1188. Both failed.

Not until the Mamluk Sultan Baibers arrived in 1271 did the castle "fall". After considering his options he came up with an idea that was "Simply Ingenious".

To find out how he finally conquered Krak des Chevaliers, drive from Reno towards Virginia City on the Comstock Highway. You will see a blue sign saying "Scenic Overlook 1/4". At this Scenic Overlook, pull over.

Go down the stairs (next to garbage cans) and walk directly across the main area. In the SW direction, you will note a massive boulder formation. Make your way in the direction of this large boulders formation. (It is the one with the plaque and steps leading to it.) You will pass a red/rusty sign on your left and then you enter the rock path. As you walk this rock path, note a break on left handside, cut through, and make your way to edge of the large boulders. (Don't go around this large boulder.) Stop when you stand next to the end of the large massive boulder. (It will be on your right, and you will be standing in front of 3 linear floor rocks.) Go due South, (180 degrees), 36 short person steps, down hill. You will come to a dying bush with a medium sized orange and black speckled rock behind it. In a crevice of this rock on left handside, tucked behind little rocks, is Simply Ingenious.