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A Bowl Without A Bee LbNA #43600

Owner:Lee & Nancy Contact
Plant date:Sep 23, 2008
City:San Diego
County:San Diego
Found by: AntHilarie
Last found:Nov 30, 2020
Last edited:Sep 23, 2008
ATTENTION: I recommend deciphering clues before starting out.
ALSO - this box is off the main path a ways, and will be difficult for small children.

This box is a continuation of Kristal and Ron’s Who’s Hoo… series in Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. There may not be a obvious path to the box, so please try to respect the area and minimize your impact on the area. From the entrance at Tecolote Community Park. Start down the trail and go past the John C. HOOper bench on your left. When you get to the…

You will need to decipher the text below for the remainder of the clue.

This clue will be the first of many. _____
It can be found in the details, but not solids. _____
This always goes last in my pool. _____

Usually the first to go. _____
They were the last three in the state. _____

It is the first into work. _____
You can find these in a book but never in a bank. _____
You can find it in what I had, but not in what I have. _____

Often will have it, but today does not. _____
The last two in brace. _____

They were the first four in baseball. _____

These are the first and last in Vermont. _____
Right and wrong each have it but good and evil do not. _____
The first three of the unknown. _____

Did I mention they were Fifth and sixth in Country. _____
These can be seen but not sawn. _____

What is the last of taxes. _____
Do you have the first idea? _____
It is between the firsts of who and you. _____
They were also the last two in the county. _____

The first three of the last eight that biodegraded. _____
Trees have these but a hat would not. _____

You would find this in the middle of a cone. _____

The first two hike. _____
And the last two always will. _____

Good luck and happy hunting.