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Camp Lakota LbNA #43528

Owner:Purple Raven Contact
Plant date:Sep 20, 2008
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Sep 6, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 20, 2008
Camp Lakota

Hike Length: 0.5 miles
Clue Last Updated: September 21, 2008

Status: Box #1 Paw Prints and Patriotism — active (Last found: Never)
Box #2 Girl Scouts Together — active (Last found: Never)
Box #3 Bazooka Bubble Gum — active (Last found: Never)

Camp Lakota is a long time Girl Scout Camp that belongs to legacy council, San Fernando Valley Girl Scouts. You must have permission to be on this private property to find these boxes. A fun adventure for troops reserving and coming to camp.

Box #1 Paw Prints and Patriotism
Paw Prints and Patriotism was carved by Senior Girl Scout "Red", a member of Troop 54 of Girl Scouts-Joshua Tree Council. The stamp depicts the troop's interest and committment to service for Guide Dogs of America as well as "Red's" Gold Award Project which was centered around patriotism of our American Flag.
To find this box, find the camp flag pole. Look to the left of the pole and find the 2 larger rocks (dark one and light one) and look under the small rocks around them.
Note: This is a fairly large stamp.

Box # 2 Girl Scouts Together
Campfire has been a long time tradition for Girl Scouts of all ages to come together and sing. One famous songs sung by many generations is "Girl Scouts Together". To find the box that Fleur deLys carved, go to the campfire stage. Sit on one of the benches facing the stage. Look to your left at the front stage corner. Go over to that corner (careful, don't let anyone see you), and look under the stage behind the wood support beam for the box.

Box #3 Bazooka Bubble Gum
There may be traditional songs in Girl Scouting but there are some fun songs too. What could be better than being at the horse corrals chewing gum and popping bubbles! To find this hand carved stamp by Fleur de Lys, go to where there are green pipe horse stahls. Find the large up turned tree roots and stump, across from the green pipe stahls. Sitting rather high up in the up turned roots you'll find the bubble gum!

Note: These boxes were permanently placed at the September Affair "Make New Friends" weekend for leaders in Sept. 2008 by Purple Raven and her four pawed friend, guide dog puppy in training, Tiga, at the request of several participants. They were formerly part of the letterbox training series used in workshops that taught letterboxing to Girl Scout leaders.