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Pal Playground Pair 'o Boxes LbNA #43011

Owner:MannClan Contact
Plant date:Aug 25, 2008
City:Elk Grove
Found by: MannClan (2)
Last found: Jun 27, 2020
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 25, 2008
Remember a historic route where you could find your "kicks?" Invert those two numbers and you will get the highway to take south from our state's capitol.

Travel until you reach the town of Elk Grove. In this city you will find the burial ground of Eliza Donner, a young survivor of the fated pioneer party, and the site of the first county free library.

From the highway, exit onto a street that is Spanish for "Lagoon." Turn right, headed west.

Turn left on Big Horn. Take another left at Village Tree.

You will see Miwok park on the left, park your car on the street. Enjoy the innovative wooden playground and beautiful oak trees. Walk to the back of the playground area where you will discover the Pal Playground tile wall.

From this wall, turn to your left, and walk to the row of bushes at the edge of the grass area, near a fence that divides the park from some houses.

When you get to the bushes, turn right and walk to the end of the park. Houses will be on your left, a field of golden brush is ahead of you, and the playground is behind you to the right. Look in the bushes here at the corner to your left for Box #1. (Missing 11/08!!)

To find Box #2, walk on the line that seperates the grass area of the park with the field of golden brush, headed east, the direction of the park. Continue walking until you are approx. parallel with the soccer field, past the playground.

Turn left. You should be facing the golden field with the park behind you. Look straight ahead. You should see a building with our nation's flag flying on a pole. This is a post office. Cross the field toward this building.

When you reach a road, turn east (right) and walk toward a yellow diamond sign that says the opposite of "Begin". Box #2, is hidden in the bush behind this sign.