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Fox View Letterbox LbNA #4281

Plant date:Jun 7, 2003
City:New Fairfield
Planted by:IrishCOD Contact Inactive
Found by: toolie bird
Last found:Sep 19, 2010
Last edited:Oct 15, 2015
Fox View Letterbox
New Fairfield, CT

Come take a short 5-15-minute hike up a moderately difficult trail to perhaps one of the best views of Candlewood Lake.

From Rte. 37 near the New Fairfield/Danbury town line turn onto Bear Mountain Road located 3/10ths of a mile north of the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute. Go past Bear Mountain Reservation (home of other letterboxes) to the end of the road - 1.8 miles. At the T intersection turn right onto Wood Creek Rd (no outlet) and go 1/10th of a mile. Park in the very small parking area on the left located right in front of a red house and a private property sign. Property to the right is private but this parking area is for public use. Look to your left for legal access to this New Fairfield Land Trust public trail that parallels the left side of the house.

Follow the white trail uphill for less than 15 minutes to an amazing view of Candlewood Lake. Be sure to walk all the way to the top of the rocky landscape before you relax and take in the view. Once rested continue north on the white trail eventually entering a wooded area filled with mountain laurels. Take a short 2-3 minute walk along the white trail to a big boulder on the right inscribed Sweetcake Mountain Preserve in memory of Charles and Dorothea Fox.

Take a reading of 270 degrees and walk 6 steps along the rock wall to the first birch tree and reach under the large somewhat flat rock on top of the wall in this section. Feel free to continue around this short loop of white trail which returns to the view of Candlewood Lake.

Be careful descending back to your car over the green covered boulders. They are very slippery when wet.