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Meet Albert, the Chicken Dance King! LbNA #42653

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Aug 10, 2008
Found by: Woman to Blame
Last found: Dec 13, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 10, 2008
Meet Albert, the Chicken Dance King. He used to be this lonely, hermit of a chicken until one day he meet Rosie. Now Rosie was just the opposite of Albert. She loved meeting people and getting out and taking the town by storm.

One night there was a swing band in town and Rosie asked Albert to take her. (As Albert would never ask a chick out.)

Even though he was afraid (he is a chicken afterall), and even though he had never heard swing music before, once the jive and jig of the music got hold of ol' Albert, it was over. Before he knew it, his foot started tapping, and his knee started bopping and his hips started swaying and his wings starting flapping . . . Before he knew it, and before ol amazed Rosie knew it, Albert was the highlight of the party! And henced, they dubbed him the "Chicken Dance King".

Forever changed, he danced all the way home!

To find Albert, go the cementery at Pine and Court. Walk through the large arch and follow the path south. Tip your hat to Long family on your right. Salute Capt. Weatherlow, on your left. Stop at the tree with the large crack and turn west. Make your way to David Boyer's "broken but upright" marker. From David, spy westernly Allen Hensen. Behind ol' Allen, under rocks and shrubbery is Albert.