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Morning Encounter LbNA #42486

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Aug 4, 2008
Location: Resort Dr
City:Paso Robles
County:San Luis Obispo
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Aug 4, 2008
Alive and well as of 11/3/08

I was on vacation with friends and family, camping at Lake Nacimiento Resort. I'd planned to hunt some letterboxes, but not to plant any. Then I had an inspiration for a carving and used some erasers to create this three-part stamp, and some index cards for small logbooks. I also only had a few spare baggies with me, so I'd like to ask a favor: if you plan to hunt these boxes, please bring some baggies and double-bag these for me so that they will survive winter snow or rain.

Lake Nacimiento Resort has several overnight campsites (which were $30 a day) and some day-use areas down by the lake (I'm not sure the cost). We camped in the very first campsite, Quail Roost, just left of the entrance gates. I was up with the sun each morning for over an hour before anyone else, and would take short hikes around the area.

#1: Quail Roost - Walk all the way to the far end of the Quail Roost campsite until you reach the "Ton Ton Deer" sign on a paved path. Turn your back to the sign and walk downhill on the dirt path. When you reach the first pine, slightly down the hillside on your right, go just past it and step right off the path for a few steps to a small pile of rocks. This is very near the spot where, on my hike the second morning, two deer stood high on the hillside before you. We silently stared at each other, frozen for about ten minutes before they slowly walked on.

#2: Sunrise - Continue down the dirt path past the gate, then walk up the shoulder of the road (yes, outside the entrance of the resort) for a short while. When you see two white guardians next to three, enter the rough path beyond the gate. Walk a little uphill, then downhill until you come to a small clearing on the right with a baby pine. On the left is where I sat on the first morning and watched the sunrise over the dam from beneath this great tree. Just past him is a second tree, and on her far side is an opening in her trunk with a couple of rocks inside.

#3: Rocky Canyon - Retrace your steps to the road, walk down through the entrance and continue to the right, away from Quail Roost. Pass Oak Knoll and enter Rocky Canyon. Round the corner and find twelve guards in front of one head. Proceed up the trail a short way until you see the great pine who leans over the path before you. The second tree past him, still under his great arms, has a small rock on her backside at about eye level from the trail. From here, you can either retrace your steps back to the campsite, or continue on to the general store and the beach beyond.

When you're finished with each box, make sure the logbook is in a bag, and that bag and the stamp are both in a second bag.