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Big River Beach LbNA #41690

Owner:Man From Nantucket Contact
Plant date:Jul 11, 2008
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 11, 2008
Go all the way down Lansing St to the western end. Turn left on Main St. Turn right on the driveway between the Chevron Station and the church. At the south end of the parking lot, follow the path to "Big River Beach." At the fork, go left to the stairs to the beach. From the top of the stairs, count the number of steps to the beach. The last step onto the beach counts as a step. Count the number of verticle poles directly in front of you as you face Hwy 1. Add this to the number of steps. Add one. Divide by three. You should have a number that is equivalent to the denomination of an American coin. Enjoy the beach. If you're from the east coast (especially Nantucket) don't jump in unless you're fond of the color blue and possible cardiac arrest. Return to the top of the stairs. Turn immediately left, following the path closest to the beach. Proceed to the large, dead, fallen tree. At the far end of the dead tree nearest the Pacific, stop. Now continue, taking the number of paces you have calculated. On your right, you will see a second, fallen, dead tree. Look under the end nearest to the path, covered by pieces of bark.


Man From Nantucket