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Pleasant Bay Rail Trail LbNA #41626

Owner:Smalls Contact
Plant date:Jul 9, 2008
City:Harwich/Pleasant Bay
Found by: mysterypaw (3)
Last found: Aug 22, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 9, 2008
This is a great one to do with kids! I suggest walking, but you can ride your bike to most of the spots too.

Box #1: Park at the Pleasant Bay General Store off exit 10 on Rt. 124. (Although it's in Harwich, it's right on the Brewster line). Cross the street and head down the rail trail towards Chatham/Dennis. As you walk along you will see a pond on your right. About 100ft down you will see a few large fallen trees by the shore of the pond. After you pass the fallen trees you will see a path on your right (there are other paths so make sure it's the one right after the fallen trees, it is also the path that looks most clear). Take that path but watch out for the poison ivy. Before you make it all the way down to the shore, you will see a pine tree tilting towards the bike path with an orange rope tied around it. If you do not see this you are not on the right path. After you know you're on the right path go to the shore. Once on the beach, to the right you will see another fallen tree, partly in the water. It's 3rd branch points to your treasure which lies under two pieces of bark.

Box #2: Go back to the bike path and continue down the same way. Soon you will see a cranberry bog on your left. Right before the bog you will see the old bog entrance which looks like a big pile of sand. Hop the fence. Before you get to the bottome of that small hill turn towards your left. Look for an old board, a rock, and a rusted piece of metal under the bush.

Box #3: Go back to the rail trail. Keep going and cross the street. Proceed goin towards the bridge. On your left you will see a bunch of dead logs with a path behind it. Go down the path and on y our right you will see four skinny trees in a circle, surrounding a dead stump that looks like it was once the fifth tree. Your prize is marked with an "X". PLEASE PUT THE "X" BACK!

Box #4: Go back to the rail trail. Keep going down and you will se three bolders marked with grafitti. The bolders mark a path. Go down that path. On your right you will see a rusty old car part. Later, on your left you will see what I think is an old seat to a car. After that you will see a fallen tree on your left. One of the branches makes a 90 degree ankle (whose angle opens downward). You will find your treasure under that covered by bark and a stick with five pinecones attached to it. Please cover it up w/ the pine cones.

Box #5: Go over the bridge and cross the street. Keep going until you see the Harwich Conservation Trust on your left. Go up the stairs and enter the conservation area. WATCH OUT FOR TICKS! There are two paths immediatly, take the one on the right. Keep going straight passed the fallen tree and the little brook. You will eventually come to a clearing with a choice of three paths to take. Take the one all the way to your right. Go over the brook. At a clearing you will see a pile of wood chips with a hill just beyond it. Go up about 30' and you will see a fallen log/tree on your right. Look under a black stick and some leaves.

I will add more to the rail trail eventually, I hope you all enjoy! Please leave all of the boxes as you found them, completely sealed in their bags. Say hi to George for me!! :)