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headlands wharf LbNA #41614

Owner:Neo Contact
Plant date:Jul 8, 2008
Found by: The Olde Oak
Last found: Jul 11, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 8, 2008
At the west end of Main Street, or the bottom, right before the road turns, enter the headlands at the white rail fence gate that will be opened. Proceed south west on main trail. At first (beach trail stay on trail) sign proceed strait on main trail to first large anchor chain. Blow hole will be on your left. Count all of the horizontal slats on the fence surrounding the blow hole if you have an odd number recount. Proceed down the path to first totem. Leave a flower or token of gratitude or else the evil spirits will lead you the wrong way on the letterbox trail. Continue to second totem. How many chains have you passed on the way from the first chain to the second totem. Return to the first totem. Take the number of horizontal fence slats that you counted by the blow hole and subtract 20. Add the number of chains you counted on your way to the second totem to the number you have. Take this number of paces from the first totem south. You should be at the three anchor chains at the ruins of the old wharf. Look to the west from the three chains, you will see 2 old broken timbers. Go between the 2 timbers. Look underneath the timber to your right while you are facing the ocean. Underneath some pieces of bark you will find the letterbox.

Good luck,