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Butterfly Letterbox LbNA #41532

Owner:Flagg Contact
Plant date:Jul 3, 2008
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 3, 2008
This downtown LetterBox Hybrid will take right at an hour or less to do depending on how you search for it, to do it as a Letterbox you will need the CLUE KEY which can only be found at the The Gnome Home. To find as a GEOCACHE go to the posted coordinates and begin your search. Please do not pass the key to other cachers if you worked for it so should they. Please leave stamp, trade item welcome, TBs if small and Geocoins are welcome. Due to the location of the Letterbox the posted coordinates will get you close the himt, if you can decode it will take you right to the cache hide. Click on the LetterBox Link to view The Gnome Home.
If you do not Geocache Email me and I will set you up on finding this Letterbox

Butterfly Letterbox
At the corner you must stand to the left of the green lamp pole so it is on your right. The corner stone reads (CLUE #1) If you are reading (CLUE #2) you are where you need to be. Shoot (CLUE#3). Between the two trees is the place you should go.
These trees touch yet they stand apart. Find this symbol (CLUE#4) with this on your left shoot (CLUE#5) then walk 84 paces. You will be at the House of Knowledge in just the right place. (CLUE#6)large squares are set you stand. In a lay of(CLUE#7) Face the House and begin your count the square you want is (CLUE#8)
From (CLUE#8) shoot (CLUE#9) to the steel land. Mark your spot well then go there from here. Find this symbol (CLUE#10). With the symbol on your left shoot (CLUE#11). If your aim is true a metal box you will see that is where you need to be.
Take in this corner and all that you see, what you are looking for is a damaged (CLUE#12). When you have found what you seek go there for the symbol you need. The symbol to find is (CLUE#13). With this again on you left shoot (CLUE#14) then step off 8 paces.
From this point shoot (CLUE#15) and get ready to walk. You will cross a street then pass a park this means you’re on the right track. Your walk will end at (CLUE#16).
At the center you must stand to shoot a new line. (CLUE#17) true is what you must do if it done right you will see the box of blue. When reach this place stand your ground the box on you left a wall to your right. Keep going (CLUE#18) to the next corner.
Cross the street and stand with the stairs to your right. Count (CLUE#19) unbroken squares just the right side please. Stop where you are and shoot (CLUE#20). The alcove you see is you quests end. The Butterfly Letterbox cache is at the tree where no tree should be.

All symbols are drawn and in the open so look real good to find them.