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The Old Burying Ground-Falmouth LbNA #41529

Owner:suzietoots Contact
Plant date:Jul 5, 2008
Found by: Curl Girl (form.The 3D's)
Last found: Jul 17, 2022
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 15, 2015
These Boxes are located off of Mill Street in Falmouth, MA
The Katherine Lee Bates-Shinning Sea Bikeway is located around the corner from this cemetery. You will need to park at the bikepath parking lot if you are traveling by car.

To Lieut. Joseph Parker:
As you enter the gates to this old cemetery you will see a grassy driveway leading to Falmouth's old burying ground. The cemetery is surrounded by houses. Walk to the back of the cemetery. The 4th tree from the end on your left is the "area" that Lieut. Joseph Parker is located in. He was a Revolutionary war veteran. His stone reads:
Here lyes Buried ye Body of Lieut.
who Departed this
life March ye 25 A. D.
1755 aged 56 years.
Just past the upright crypt on the left is his grave. At the base of the large Cedar tree off to the left is the box. A hidden gravestone in under the Cedar tree. Underneath the limb that touches the ground covered with natural debis is his box. The gravestone displays a winged skull carved in the style of Lamsons of Boston.

To Captain Timothy Crocker:
The 2nd tree from the end of the cemetery is where Captain Crocker rests. He died October 19, 1800. In the 73th year of life. A revolutionary medal and flag marks his grave.
His Gravestone reads:
In Memory of
Capt. Timothy
Crocker who died
Oct'r 19th 1800 in the
73d Year of his Age
From his grave walk straight back to the stone wall. There will be a dirt mound in front of wall. The beige and black lined rock with ivy surrounding it is where the box is hidden. A white marble M. J. stone sits directly across from the spot you will need to look. The gravestone displays a winged head in the style of the Soule carvers of Plymouth.