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The Tempest LbNA #41429

Owner:Tdyans Contact
Plant date:Jun 26, 2008
Found by: ???
Last found: Aug 26, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 26, 2008
Shakespeare's "The Tempest" is believed to have been inspired by William Strachey's account of the 1609 shipwreck of Sir George Somers on Bermuda. Hence it seemed fitting to leave letterboxes in honor of three characters from "The Tempest" on the island.


Go to Dexalrana Tretyab and search for sea glass on the beach. From the beach, facing the water, go right, uphill, past the two stand-alone "cells". You should find an brick arch with a doorway under it. The letterbox is in the top left corner of the doorway, covered by two pieces of concrete.


Head to Trotog Ayb Sorter and seek a cave-- you'll know you've found the right one when you see the sign for it. From the sign, head down the path and enter the cave. As you walk through it, take the stairs going up on your right. From this upper level, you should see a way out of the cave-- head toward it. When wooden railing begins on your left, stop. Turn right and walk toward the wall of the cave. Then look to your left, and you should see a small hole in the rock. The box is here, covered by several small rocks.
WATCH YOUR HEAD while searching for and replacing this one!


At the eastern end of the beach at Eerhososh Aby, find the small hill that has some old cement structures at the base of its eastern side. Make your way to the top of this hill-- there are several small (mostly overgrown) paths you can take. Near the top of the hill, one of the paths becomes more prominent, and at one point on this path, there are two small evergreen trees growing on either side of it. Take a few steps beyond the trees on this path, heading oceanward, and look to your right. You should see about half a dozen tree stumps of various sizes, forming a rough circle around a piece of concrete. Under the lip of the eastern end of this concrete, covered by smaller pieces of concrete, is where you'll find the box.