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The Four Animals LbNA #41087

Owner:flyingcrane Contact
Plant date:Jun 21, 2008
Found by: mandala (4)
Last found:Dec 10, 2011
Last edited:Jun 21, 2008
These four animals have inspired martial arts, such as karate, tae kwan do and poekoelan, for thousands of years. You will find them in Redwood Regional Park: Skyline Gate on the West Ridge Trail. This is an out and back hike, approximately 1.2 miles.

Box #1: Tiger

Park at Redwood Regional Park: Skyline Gate. Take the West Ridge Trail until you reach a major bend in the trail with a garbage can near it. There is a field of grass to your left. Walk across it until you see a pseudo trail. There is a large bay tree to your right. Walk to it, and then look behind you. There is a hollow log there. Inside the log is Box #1.

Box #2: Monkey

Walk until you reach a giant, two trunked manzanita tree. To your right is a pseudo trail leading up the hill. There is a small, mossy bay tree at the start of the pseudo trail. Look behind the bay tree, under a pile of rocks for Box #2.

Box #3: Snake (missing)

Look for two large pine trees on the left of the trail. When you find them, go between them to a pseudo trail leading behind one of the trees. Behind that pine tree is Box #3.There is also a prize for the first finder.

Box #4: Crane
Continue until you pass three large redwood groves. At the third of these is a hill/slope on your left. Hike down the hill/slope until you see a large, blackened stump. Look inside the stump for a pile of bark. Under the pile is Box #4.

(Note that I have included a stamp pad in each letterbox, so you do not need to bring one.)