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Bermuda Shorts: Bermuda Coat of Arms (MISSING) LbNA #40909 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jun 25, 2008
Planted by:Lord & Ladybug
Found by: The CountryWalker
Last found:Jan 19, 2009
Last edited:Jun 25, 2008
Reported MISSING

To learn about Bermuda’s Coat of Arms, and other bits and bobs of Bermudas history, visit the lovely park in Hamilton that is home to the Historical Society Museum and Bermuda’s Public Library. Located in the home of Bermuda's first postmaster, the museum contains portraits, maps, coins, Bermuda silver, Asian porcelains, and depictions of bygone Bermuda. The library has virtually every book ever written about Bermuda. Admission is free.

Go into the park and find the statue called “Jete” by Enzo Plazzotta. Facing the statue from the stone walkway, look left toward a pergola with yellow flowers growing on the right post. To the right of the flowers is a black light post with a copper top. At the base of this light, under the bush, you’ll find “Bermuda Coat of Arms” in a camo bag.

Note: This is a VERY busy park, so please be discreet.