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The Hills are Alive! LbNA #40854

Owner:Doxie Duo Contact
Plant date:Jun 8, 2008
Found by: Doxie Duo (5)
Last found: Jun 26, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 8, 2008
UPDATE/UPDATE/UPDATE Boxes 1,2,3 and 6 reported alive and well on 8/16/15. Apparently box #4 has gone missing.

There is a lot of poison oak, so stay on the trails. We tried to put the boxes in safe, places! If you are planning on trying to find all these boxes at once (which is a good idea since the clues go from one box to the next), allow at least two hours! Please see updated clues below and don't forget to LOG YOUR FINDS ONLINE!

Cathedral Hills Trail System is a wonderful natural area maintained by BLM. There are 10 miles of loop trails which allow hiking, picnicking, mountain bikes and horses. The trails vary from easy to difficult. You can see a posted map, and get one of the area at the Espey Trailhead.

To get to Espey Trailhead:
Drive south on Williams Hwy (Hwy 238) from Grants Pass and proceed past New Hope Rd. Watch for the Country Club and Espey Rd. sign on your left, where Hwy 238 makes an “S” turn. Turn left on Espey Rd., bearing left until it dead ends at the Cathedral Hills parking area (approx. ½ mile).

Box #4 Reported missing 8/16/15. (I know, out of order, but it actually ended up being the first one you will come across!)
From the parking area, take Outback Loop Trail until you come to where the trail splits. Turn left and follow the trail. You will soon cross a wooden bridge over a small creek bed and start an uphill climb. At the top of the hill, right before a hairpin turn, there is a large fir on the right, with a hollow log behind it. Look inside the log for #4.

Box #1 Continue on the trial and cross a second bridge (on left) and follow to post marked “K”. Turn around and backtrack approx. 30’. On your right, about 10’ downhill, you will see an old, downed trunk, parallel to the trail. Look behind this trunk for box #1!

Box #2- From post “K” take the trail to the right. You will go slightly uphill and it gets steeper. At the top of the hill there is a post that says “K” left, “L” right. Go left 12 paces. On the right you will see two fir trees with a multi-trunked manzanita between them. Box #2 is in the center of the manzanita.

Box #3 - From box #2, head back down the hill to the K/L post where you went left to find box #2. This time take the "L" trail to the right. When you come to a steep downhill path on your right, follow it down until it reconnects to the main trail (this is a shortcut). Turn right on the main trail and continue until an uphill climb ends with post L. Backtrack 37 steps. Approximately 25' off the trail on your right side there is a 24-36" high stump. #3 is inside the stump. Go back up to post L and follow trail downhill.

Box #6 - At the next L post you see the trail makes a triangle around a large madrone tree as you start to head downhill. Take the left (upper)path a few steps and on the left side you will see a 2-trunked madrone. Look in the center of the trees for box #6. Continue downhill toward the parking lot.