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I'm Wicked, What is Your Excuse? LbNA #40714

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Jun 8, 2008
Found by: CiJay
Last found: Dec 12, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 8, 2008
I'm Wicked, What is Your Excuse? is a slogan for my favorite villianess of all time.

To explained yourself to her, simply take 36 from Susanville, towards Westwood. See Roxie Peconom Campground? Pull in. Take note of the trail south of the cattle guard you pass. Park "around the tree" on your left. Make your way back to this trail south of the cattle guard and start your hunt.

Stroll along this trail, take it's lovely scene and hear the call of the wild. Careful though, her beastly army is on the lookout for a baby . . . and they are a bright lot~ looking for a baby for 16 years . . . . seriouosly, you don't want to run into this group!

Assuming you make it safe to a fallen grey solider that cuts into trail, but does not block it, take 20 short evil person steps and stop. Look around. Spy with your wicked eye, high in the trees, "The Eye of the Witch's Staff"~ a strange, bewitched tree anomaly. Behind "The Eye of the Witch's Staff", to the south east is a falled log. On the east side, hidden within the peeling bark, is "I'm Wicked . . . " and there you can explain yourself.

This stamp is a series of 3 that was planted along this trail. These may not be accessible in the winter, as it snows here.