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Almost Lassen-Land, Almost LbNA #40694

Owner:Captain Slick Kitty Contact
Plant date:Jun 7, 2008
Found by: CiJay
Last found: Dec 12, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 7, 2008
Peter Lassen is the man Lassen County is named after.

In 1855 Lassen moved to the Honey Lake region, (now south of Susanville) where he prospected and served as Surveyor and Governor of the unofficial Nataqua Territory.

Peter Lassen had grand ideas for the unofficial Nataqua Territory. He actually wanted to make this part of (now) Northern California it's own country. He may have intended named it Lassen-something . . . my guess is Lassen-Land.

Peter also took part in the Indian Wars that occurred in California and Nevada.

Lassen was murdered on April 26, 1859 in Clapper Canyon (then known as Black Rock Canyon) near the Black Rock Desert as he was traveling to Virginia City, Nevada.

His companion Americus Wyatt claims it's was an ambush. However, the evidence would later suggest perhaps ol' Wyatt had something more to do with Peter's death than not.

Unforunately, at the time the culprits were widely considered to be Northern Paiute. This assumption would soon lead to the Paiute (Indian) War.

My first microbox is planted close to the heart of Lassen County.

Fom Susanville, take 395 SB. Just as you are starting to climb Bass Hill, you will spy to your right a dirt road. If you see and pass the garbage disposal, you have gone too far.

Pull in and park. Enter south gate. Spy the semi road? Walk south on it, going over the hill. On the right you will see on the right a medium size boulder. On it's flatest side, tucked under is "Almost Lassen-Land, Almost."