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Light Angler reactivated 8/11/11 LbNA #40105

Owner:Arctic Tern Contact
Plant date:May 21, 2008
City:Hope Junction
County:Kenai Peninsula
Found by: deniserows
Last found:Aug 21, 2008
Last edited:May 21, 2008
This box is in a turn out about 1.8 miles west of the rest area at the Hope junction (about mile 57 on the highway) it loops behind a hill, the box is close to the west end.

Drive, bike, or walk down the old road trail. Get out, off, or over and stand with your back to the river. Look across the road/trail to find the broken in half stump on the rock out cropping. (The other stumps are cut clean, skip those and look further left.) Let your eyes drift to the left past 5 spruce trees to a single birch in a bit of a clearing. To the right of the birch only a foot or so look under a log to find the Anlger fish.