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Caballo Del Mar LbNA #39771

Owner:Sierra Sally Contact
Plant date:May 8, 2008
County:Other International
Found by: Tinac
Last found: May 24, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 8, 2008
If you want to see a Caballo Del Mar, this is the island to come to. The diving here is AMAZING! Caballo Del Mar is located at Bari Reef, we dove here 3 times because the diversity of sealife was just so great. Even if you don't dive, the snorkeling at Bari is really worthwhile.

Go to the roundabout North of the main part of town
Take the West exit which has two signs pointing the way "Cycle Bonaire" and "Bonaire Dive and Adventure"
Go between the two rock walls along the dirt road keeping a row of palm trees on your right. The concrete wall meets a rock wall is where Caballo Del Mar is hiding. Under a rock on the South side of the wall right under the last post with the green wire on it.

Good Luck. Please rehide well and let me know if you found it.