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Coweta LbNA #39730

Owner:Lady Buzz Contact
Plant date:May 11, 2008
Found by: Diamond Stars
Last found: Nov 28, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 11, 2008
Difficulty: Very easy!

Box #4 of the Georgia Counties Series

In this hunt, you are searching for the namesake of the county you’re in. Coweta County was named for the Coweta Indians, a tribe of the Creeks. It was one of several counties formed from the lands obtained by the government in the controversial Treaty of Indian Springs in 1825.

Begin at the Riparian Overlook at the Coweta County Fairgrounds' Nature Center. From the Riparian Wetland sign, use your compass to find the tree with the very large knot at 70 degrees. Once at that tree, look at 30 degrees to the two small trees just a few feet away. The box is in between these two trees, buried under debris at their bases. See? Told you it was easy!

Please be cautious in your hunt. This is a very open space and a natural habitat. Use caution and common sense! All the usual disclaimers apply – be careful of poison ivy and watch out when reaching into what might be someone else’s home!