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Scoopy's Hive LbNA #39571

Owner:MaltedFalcon Contact
Plant date:May 1, 2008
Found by: Coastal Redwoods
Last found: May 31, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 1, 2008
This box Replaces the MIA Scoopy's Bee Hive Letterbox
Same Location
New Stamp (bigger!)
First to find certificate is waiting in the new box!

Who is Scoopy?

Mickey Mouse’s younger brother. Really!
Look at our photos side-by-side, and you are bound to see the resemblance.
Our dad is Walt Disney, you see.
I was born in dad's Hollywood, CA studio in the summer of 1943, and quickly took my role as the official mascot for the newspapers owned by the McClatchy family in California (The Sacramento Bee, The Fresno Bee, and The Modesto Bee).
My twin brother Gaby, who was the mascot for all of the McClatchy-owned TV and radio stations, retired a few years back. He lives a quiet life in Northern California, tending to his flower farm and buzzing the occasional picnic-goer.
When I was hired by Eleanor McClatchy in 1943, she offered to donate $1,500 to the Army Relief Fund, to help American soldiers fighting in World War II.
It was quite a big deal when we moved up to Sacramento that year. Dad narrated a special prime-time radio broadcast on the Blue Network (which later became ABC) detailing our flight up the California coast.
"With the sound of airplane motors winding up in the background, the program announcer who had just finished an interview with Disney said, "The two bees have reached the end of the runway. Now, they have turned their noses into the wind and here they come right past our microphone. They are gathering speed ... Their tails are off the ground ... their wings are lifting and there they go!""
We flew through all of the cities that McClatchy had properties in, including Bakersfield, Reno, Fresno, Modesto and Sacramento. When we arrived in Sacramento, we were greeted by Mrs. McClatchy and the Mayor of Sacramento.
I still work hard for the three Bees - not only appearing in the newspaper every day, but also meeting families and friends at community events, county fairs, schools and more. Now I have my very own letterbox!
After all of these years - I will be 57 this year - my brother and I are still the only Disney-created family members that have been allowed to work for anyone but dear old dad.
Even though I am proud of my family - the reunions are a blast, last year Pluto got his head caught in a tree and Mickey and Donald Duck had a foot race that everyone watched - I love working for The Bee, and look forward to seeing you out on the town!

Letterbox directions:
Start directly in front of Scoopy’s House, next to the two flag poles.
Please be nonchalant, Scoopys House has security guards and we don’t want to make them nervous.
From here you can see a Scoopys front door. The Part of the building to your right actually used to be the location of a Brewery famous for Sacramento’s Buffalo Lager.
The Part of the building to your left contains the Newspaper presses.
You need to head to a street corner.
You have a 50/50 shot to pick the correct one.
but along the way keep looking at the sidewalk.
Bonnie and Clyde went the direction you want to go.
When you finally get to the corner look left and right , not straight.
You want to go toward Scoopy’s Private Railroad.
Scoopy’s private railroad is a spur line that they deliver all the newsprint on. It arrives by boxcars full of large rolls of newsprint.
From here you can also see the antennas of one of Gaby’s old radio stations.
Look up, if there is a railroad above you turn right
If not turn left.
follow the railroad tracks about a block ,
Look for a large blue circle
The letterbox is directly under the Circle behind the bricks under the greenery.
Please watch for muggles and Security guards.
Be careful ,muggles like to sit in there cars around here and eat lunch.
Be careful not to wear a path in the grass, that was how the old box was discovered....
Please don’t annoy or feed the newspaper people…