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aMAZEing LbNA #39463

Plant date:May 1, 2008
County:San Mateo
Found by: Feather Sisters
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 1, 2008
Only clever mice will find this cheese!
To begin mapquest yourself to the intersection of Ridgeview ct and Carnelian Rd. in South San Francisco. If it helps to use a house number, the nearest one is 964 Ridgeview ct.
Park in the little 7 car area to your left.
Ahead of you is the Ridgeview Trail 77.
Walk up the hill, it is a big one, but just think of the yummy cheese you will get at the top! ok, not quite yet! Stay left and go up the second hill keeping to the Ridgeview trail. Two towering fenced off areas shoot into the sky. Walk between them. Whoof! You are at the top of the hill! Look left! Look Right! What an aMAZEing view!
Take the Iris Hill Trail 27 to your right. Please be careful walking through all those pebbles! Walk down the steps. you turn you twist. STOP! Ahead of you is a tree with 4 trunks. One of the trunks has an "A" (cross or plus sign) backwards "L" carved on it. At the base of this tree, on the trail side, under a piece of old wood and grass clippings is your treat. YUM!

PLEASE NOTE!!! this is a steep hill. I am in decent shape and i start to huff and puff half way up. this is also a WINDY hill so please bring something to cover your ears! I never do and always wish i had! :)