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The Creature of Hatteras Inlet LbNA #39056

Owner:Otis' Friends Contact
Plant date:Mar 18, 2008
Found by: Mini Mouse
Last found: Oct 19, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 18, 2008
In July 1919, according to local folklore, Zeph Potts and Tom Robbins were surf fishing at Hatteras Inlet when they caught a most fantastic creature. It was seven feet long, striped, with long ears and three tails. Combining this story with other stories (a fish caught in the Pamlico River in May 1876, a "sea angel" caught in a net off of Ocracoke), one tantalizing inference is that a Florida manatee somehow made it into Carolina waters. Or is there a new creature indigenous to the area, and the possible subject of an artist's rendering?

To find the creature, park at the local museum. Walk back toward the docks and turn left on the first road, heading toward the water. Taking care not to trespass and/or commit a federal offense, follow the sandy road along the sound to the end. (If you do not have 4WD or AWD, do not attempt to drive on this road or there is an excellent chance you will get stuck in soft sand and have to pay a tow truck driver a tidy sum because AAA will not cover it. Hypothetically speaking.)

Continue on the path past the signs warning against vehicular traffic toward the large dead tree with a cedar to its left. (On the other side of the rise is an inlet.) If you are at the correct cedar, you should see a rope tied to the cedar. The box is under the cedar wedged under a pile of driftwood. Take care to replace securely so that it is not carried away by the sea.

This is a popular fishing spot in good weather, meaning two things. Watch out for non-boxers, and, if you are so inclined, take a bag for all the litter you will find.