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Hatteras Jack LbNA #39055

Owner:Otis' Friends Contact
Plant date:Mar 18, 2008
Found by: smalltowngal
Last found: Sep 4, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 18, 2008
For many years, this Albino helped several travelers make their way to Ocracoke. If you are lucky, perhaps you will meet one of his descendants while riding the car ferry.

There is no record of him assisting a well-known sandbar crossing by a gentleman with sideburns, but if he had been alive, perhaps he would have lent his aid. From the marker commemorating that crossing, look for the small path to the Northwest leading into the brush and, ultimately, to a four foot high stump. Just before the stump and to your left is a mid-sized cedar tree. The box is at its base under a pile of rocks and aggregate. Take care to hide well without crushing the box.