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Bigfoot Rest LbNA #38911

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Apr 12, 2008
Found by: The Olde Oak
Last found: Aug 14, 2011
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 12, 2008
Mendocino County in its northern reaches is Bigfoot territory. Normally you won’t see Bigfoot until you’re a little north of Willits and definitely in the woods rather than strolling besides the highway or walking through Laytonville past the grocery store to get to the library. Nope, it’s tough to get a gander at Bigfoot no matter where you are. The Bigfoot Rest Letterbox resides in the vicinity of the first reststop north of Willits off of Highway 101. This reststop can only be accessed however driving south. So driving south from Laytonville stop at the one and only reststop accessible on your side of the highway. If you note the black and white highway marker reading 58.82 MEN you’ve driven just a bit too far.

After parking at the reststop walk southwest past the restroom on the path. Walk as far as that path goes and look around for Bigfoot. If you see him run to the car and drive away as fast as possible. If you don’t see Bigfoot admire the forest and stay out of the poison oak. Here is where I wanted to hide the letterbox until I saw all that nasty poison oak.

OK. So on the southeast side of the path you will see a small creek, perhaps dry in summer. Follow that creek back in the direction of the highway and go to the culvert. Carefully stand on the edge of the top of that concrete structure. Facing away from the highway and to your left about six feet will be a big rock which looks perfect for sitting. On the other side of that rock, under it and in a few inches you will note a much smaller rock blocking the entrance to the hole. Move the smaller rock aside and find the Bigfoot Rest Letterbox. Note a bit of poison oak not growing in vicinity.

Thanks for coming and reclose and replace everything.