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Learning to ride a bike - Lakeshore Walking Trail LbNA #38637

Plant date:Mar 30, 2008
Planted by:P to the fourth
Found by: Inveterate Learner
Last found:Apr 20, 2008
Last edited:Mar 30, 2008
This box was hidden to in the location where our son learned to ride his bike. The Lakeshore walking/riding trail is great place to spend a Saturday with the family.

Park at the entrance off of Columbiana Road. "Start" is a great place to begin. Follow the trail over two bridges and past "2 Mile" carved in stone. Cross a third bridge and you will see find a choice in the path. If you go left you could end up all wet. Make the "right" turn and circle around. You will see two trees that appear to grow from the same place in the ground and form a "V". Look through these trees and spy a tree directly behind that crosses the middle of the "V". What you seek lies with in this tree.

There is a bench nearby to sit and stamp. Please be sure to return this box to its exact spot and cover with a few leaves.

Happy Letterboxing