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USC Doheny Library LbNA #38522

Owner:sprout Contact
Plant date:Mar 24, 2008
City:Los Angeles
County:Los Angeles
Found by: gtigrrl
Last found:Jul 1, 2013
Last edited:Mar 24, 2008
This letterbox is located in one of the University of Southern California's most popular libraries: Doheny. Walk into Doheny library, straight back past the information desk and through the open doorway that reads, "Bookstacks." (Don't worry if this feels like you're going behind the information desk where the employees work- you are going in the right direction). Follow the arrows on the floor to the elevator. Take the elevator to floor 2. Exit the elevator and turn left. Walk straight down the aisle until you have reached the 2nd to last freestanding stack, marked "English Literature PR4710-PR4850." Look on the bottom shelf, in the first section of books. Look for a red book with a "unique" dewey decimal "number."

*there is NOT an ink pad included in this letterbox.