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Hidden at Hidden Falls #3,4 LbNA #38333

Plant date:Mar 17, 2008
Planted by:sky Contact
Found by: DavisClan (2)
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 17, 2008
The third and fourth in the Hidden Falls Series. (The first two are in Minnesota and South Carolina.)

Hidden in Hidden Falls Regional Park, a new park which is itself well hidden.

To get to the park from the intersection of Interstate 80 and Hiway 49 just north of Auburn, proceed north on 49 for 3 miles to Bell Road. Take Bell to the left for 1.7 mi and turn left on Joeger Road. Follow Joeger, which joins Mt. Vernon, for 3 miles until you reach Mears. By now you should be encountering signs to the park. Turn right on Mears; it's 0.8 mi to the parking lot.

To get to the letterbox from the parking lot. Look at the trail maps in the kiosk. There are several ways to get to Hidden Falls.

Hidden at Hidden Falls #3. (may be inaccessible)
Once at the Hidden Falls Viewpoint, look for a large fallen tree just to the northwest side of the trail. In the hollow of its base, under a small rock and some bark you'll find the box and stamp. According to a recent finder, the trails have changed somewhat and the box is now directly behind a 'trail closed' sign!

Hidden at Hidden Falls #4. (Planted on July 2, 2011.)Since the reconstruction of the overlook has obviated the direction to the previously placed LB, we've decided to place a new one. Here are the directions: From the new overlook - go back up the trail until you come to a metal bench. Now go back towards the overlook eight paces where they will be stone steps to the right. Go down the 26 stone steps. Take a seat viewing the smaller falls at zero degrees. Under your seat is the box.

General advice. Be sure to stay on the trails and beware of poison oak - although we didn't see any near either letter box. The falls are particularly spectacular after a rain and during the spring runoff. Horses are allowed on many of the trails. Bring water.

Recent finds:
#3 April 3, 2011
#4 not yet