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fairmont ridge LbNA #37948

Plant date:Feb 15, 2008
City:Castro Valley
Planted by:rileysmom
Found by: Little Green Bug (2)
Last found:Nov 26, 2008
Last edited:Feb 15, 2008
My bonus box is missing as of Feb 2009. I will get up there to replace on a dry day.

This search is best on a clear day as the view is spectacular.

This is a dog friendly trail. Dogs are welcome to walk off leash.

Please bring your own ink pad.

Driving Directions:

From 580 going east take the Fairmont/150Ave exit in San Leandro. Second light is Fairmont take a left. You will continue up the hill as you are coming down right before Lake Chabot Road you will see the Fairmont Ridge trailhead on your left.

From 580 going west take the Strobridge exit. Make a right off the exit and another right at Castro Valley Blvd. Continue to Lake Chabot Road (First signal) make a left. Continue till you pass the Lake Chabot Marina. At the stop sign continue straight up the hill (Fairmont Drive) the trailhead will be on your right.

There is a paved road you may take to the top or follow directions below
For a more adventurous hike (and a bonus letter box)

As you enter through the gate follow the dirt path on your right. This will be the worst part of the hike as it is quite steep but not very long. When you reach the top you will see a lone tree on your right and your first glimpse of Lake Chabot.(Rest and enjoy the view).
Continue on the footpath through the brush. You will see a row of eucalyptus trees on your left as you come out. Vere to the right dirt path and again to the right through the 2 big trees.

Here you will find your bonus letter box.
At the base of the tree on your left you will see an outcrop of rocks. The box is under a small rock about three to four feet to the left of the trunk where to big rocks meet.

Continue straight ahead to the bench on your left. Rest and enjoy another view of beautiful Lake Chabot. Look over your shoulder you will see the paved path. Continue on the path to the top where you will pass through a gate. Ahead and to your left you will see a grove of trees follow the path through these to the Memorial monument. Enjoy the view of the Bay Area. On a very clear day you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

As you turn back to the road you will see a rusted white guardrail above you. You will find the letterbox at the 8th wooden post from the right.

Hope you enjoyed your hike and your visit to Castro Valley.

This is my first attempt at letter boxing so all comments are welcome.