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Nelson's Dockyard LbNA #37934

Owner:DaBoxer Contact
Plant date:Feb 16, 2008
County:Lesser Antilles
Location: English Harbour
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 16, 2008
This letterbox is in Nelson’s Dockyard, which is located in English Harbour, Antigua. English Harbour was originally used as a hurricane refuge for ships going all the way back to 1671 and in 1725 the British established a naval dockyard here, which operated until 1889. Today this wonderfully restored historical site attracts visitors from around the world, including sailors who’ve crossed oceans to get here. The dockyard still operates to serve a Sunsail charter fleet, transatlantic racing boats, and other sailing vessels. When I was here in February 2008, there were even row boats arriving which had crossed 2,500 miles from the Canary Islands as part of the Atlantic Rowing Race. That was really cool to see!!

The dockyard was named for the famous hero of the Battle of Trafalgar (1805), Admiral Lord Nelson. As a captain, he had been made temporary commander of the Leeward Island Station (1784-1787). Other well-known British admirals who served at the naval station included Rodney, Hood, and Lewis.

To find my letterbox, start at the old white wooden gate that leads to Nelson’s Dockyard. Follow the road to the sundial (which will be surrounded by a small fence). To your left is a building named the Seaman’s Galley, which now houses the Galley Boutique and the Galley Restaurant. Go down the left side of the building, past the Galley Boutique to where you will see an ice machine (on the corner outside the restaurant), some trees, and a garden surrounded by rocks. Stand near the ice machine, face the rocks. The box is behind a round pinkish rock. Please email me at