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Three Paw "Prince" LbNA #37756

Owner:Team Comet Contact
Plant date:Aug 8, 2007
Found by: the force
Last found: Aug 19, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 8, 2007
***Im sorry but we have recieved 2 letters from lbna members stating they were unable to find our box. We will need to check on this box at some point this summer (2009) and re-hide/replace it if necessary : ( Until then there are others on this route that are fun to find placed by other members...have fun and we'll keep you posted***

This letterbox can be found at Ripley's Field Preserve. To get to the preserve follow Larson Cove Road 0.7 miles from the Tisbury end. Turn Left onto John Hoft Road. A few hundred feet down will be the entrance and parking area. There is a bit history posted on the trailhead indicating that many of the paths are cartpaths or ancient ways. Start down the walking path and take the red trail(right at the first fork). Go right again between the Pine Sentinals and into a clearing. As you look to the right of the path,you see a bird house and further back, an old windmill. Where the path re-enters the woods, pass land marker on your right. Follow path until trees touch forming a gentle natural tunnel. Look to your left and find a split birch making a "V", stop. Face them.Then turn directly around and the letterbox is approximately 1 foot into the woods under the brush. GOOD LUCK!