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THE SNOWMAN on Christmas Hill LbNA #37667

Owner:The Buzzrites Contact
Plant date:Jan 21, 2008
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: The Lovebirds
Last found: Apr 29, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 21, 2008
This is a fairly easy hike with a small amount of climbing involved. Comfortable, non-slip footwear recommended. Please bring your own stamp pad as there is not one in the box.

1 – Find Woodhall Drive off of Quadra Street, just northwest from the Quadra/McKenzie intersection. You can only access Woodhall Drive on the west side of Quadra Street.

2 – Go to the top of the hill and, if you’re driving, you can park anywhere on the right side. If you start to head downhill, you’ve gone too far.

3 – Once you’ve made it to this starting point, look for Hydro Box 864, or Mel-Ross Place. Once found, walk across the street and look for a concrete blocker and a narrow path that will take you up the hill.

4 – Starting at the concrete blocker, walk approximately 140 paces up the main path until you reach a fork blocked by a single tree.

5 – Go around the tree and continue upwards on nature’s staircase, approximately 35 paces through the forest of ferns until you come to a gravel path.

6 – Go right and continue to head up the hill another 40 paces. Stop just short of the next fork in the path.

7 – Look to your right for a mossy hill with a small 4-trunk tree atop it. Carefully climb the mossy tower (CAUTION: slippery when wet) until you reach the 4-trunk tree.

8 – Face ahead so that there is a rocky mass on your left and a cliff on your right. Then walk directly across (not up or down) the hill along an unsure path for approximately 30 paces and stop.

9 – Turn 90 degrees to your left and face the rocky mass. Head straight up toward the rocky crevice approximately 10 paces.

10 – What you seek is carefully hidden within this crevice behind 2 loose rocks. Please replace the rocks when you are done. Enjoy!