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Urban Parkade Letterbox LbNA #37529

Owner:A and S Contact
Plant date:Jan 11, 2008
Found by: EagerReader
Last found: Aug 17, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 11, 2008
Note to prospective box seekers:
Do in privacy of night
Need some climbing ability

Start at the intersection of Holly and Railroad
Walk north two blocks to Commercial St.
At Commercial take a right
Walk until you come to the base of the parkade stairs
Go to the top level of the parkade
When you get to the top take a right and walk around the building which housed the stairs to where you can see a ladder, (note: the ladder starts halfway up the wall, use your best bouldering skills to summit the parkade tower)
The letterbox (jar) is located at the very top…
Enjoy the View.