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Giant Tortoise LbNA #3748

Owner:rtrw Contact
Plant date:Dec 2, 2002
County:Other International
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 2, 2002

Difficulty – potentially hard to get in to, but easy to find
Time – 3 minutes if the door is open, longer if you have to make your own way.
Directions to starting place – Find your way to La Toc Road. Part way up is Bagshaw's Studios where visitors can watch original silk-screen patterns being created. Beyond that is the battery

Details you should know - I didn’t get permission to plant this, but it’s technically outside the battery. I don’t know how often the battery doors are opened, but It was Mrs. Bagshaw of the silk screen place who gave us our tour. It might be worth tracking some info about a tour before heading up there. I was on a tour bus and everything was arranged for us.

Details you don't need to know - Just a few things I found interesting. St. Lucia is the birthplace of two nobel laureates. Sir W. Arthur Lewis won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1979, and poet Derek Walcott won the 1992 Nobel Prize for literature. About 150,000 people inhabit St Lucia with 60,000 living in its capital, Castries. Our tour bus was big enough that it had to back up the hill to the battery. There is room for a couple cars to park. They have displayed some cool pieces they found on the ocean floor.

Find your way to the tunnel. There is a sign that says machine gun implacement. Head down between the shell store and the artillery general store. The door to the outside is locked when no one is there.

As you exit the tunnel turn left and take 10 steps. On the left side of the path near a tree with vines growing on it is a rock and some debris. Under the debris is the thing you seek.