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Tucson Icons LbNA #37446

Owner:The Pink Ladies Contact
Plant date:Jan 4, 2008
Found by: AZDragonfly (4)
Last found: Apr 22, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 4, 2008
Tucson is rich in history – religious, athletic, cultural and large iconic figures. This letterbox series will take you on a journey to some of Tucson’s largest icons while you enjoy some of the history you might not know.

Box #1 ***NEW LOCATION*** This box was originally planted at the famed Magic Carpet Golf on Speedway, designed by Lee Koplin. In 1969, the first 18 tropical holes of the mini-golf course were built and the second 18 desert holes were added a year later. Tens of thousands have enjoyed playing a round at the historic course that closed in 2008, after nearly 40 years. Some of the iconic figures, many still visible via an internet Google search, were salvaged and relocated to nearby businesses and residences. One of the most recognizable was the giant tiki man. To find his new location, head to 305 N. 4th Ave. Stand on the corner at the Hut and look catacorner to the upholstery shop. In front of the upholstery shop you will find a bench and a lamp post. At the base of the lamp post there is a little door that swings open. Guess what’s inside?

Box #2 is planted at a business that took advantage of the Jurassic Park movie theme by featuring a tyrant lizard on one side of its Golden Arches and a good mother reptile with its babies on the other. More than a million people a day enjoy this business’ product at the northeast end of restaurant row. Once you find this tyrant lizard be sure to read about its history on the nice plaque then proceed around the building until you find the good mother and her plaque. Once you’ve read the plaque look straight ahead where you will see a market in the distance. Walk toward the market until your path is illuminated from above during the dark hours. The treasure you seek is at the metal base of the illumination.

Box #3 is found at the base of a 17 foot tall cowboy boot. Once the marker for the The Tack Room, Arizona’s first fine dining restaurant, it now marks the entry to Vactor Ranch, a residential development. The Five Star Award winning restaurant opened to the public in 1965 and closed in 2003. From Box #2, follow the street known as restaurant row east until you can turn north onto Sabino Canyon Rd. Follow the road north to the Sabino Road Baptist Church where you will park in their lot. From the northwest corner of the lot, follow the road north for 75 steps. Take 10 more steps up the embankment to the mesquite tree that has boulder on the left and a spor on the right. Check the spor for this box.

Box #4 – According to police reports, a “huge man with an axe” stands like a Stone across the street from Glenn. And while new rookie police officers are hazed with this emergency call, you will not find him as menacing in December when his handlers take his axe away and arm him with a giant candy cane – then I guess you can call Paul the Candy Man. Once you find Paul, locate the light pole to the north of the bus stop bench. The box is hidden under the base of the light pole. You can sit at the bus stop in front of Don's Hot Rod Shop to stamp in.