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Dusk to Dawn LbNA #37078

Owner:Amanecer Contact
Plant date:Dec 4, 2007
City:Palo Alto
County:Santa Clara
Found by: Kissing Mama
Last found: Jul 30, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 4, 2007
Take San Antonio Rd exit and head towards Baylands Nature Preserve. Park you car at the far end of the lot.
Enter the park heading towards the left. Once you have reached the triangle continue to the left. Find what Hazel’s children left her. Please enjoy the nature and shoreline just like she did. Continue on the trail and remember that Feeding Wildlife is prohibited. You are now on your way to Baylands Nature Preserve. Enjoy your stroll with some great views. Once you see a dark dirt trail off to your left take it. Follow it to reach RMK bench. Find the solo tree/bush and it holds your prize on the water side.