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X marks the spot on Monte Sano Mt. LbNA #36738

Plant date:Nov 17, 2007
Planted by:hawke5
Found by: SAPs
Last found:Sep 4, 2016
Last edited:Nov 17, 2007
My family is Hawke5. We chose this name because we have 5 family members. WE look forward to having you scout out our letter boxes and hopefully we will have the opportunity to seek yours as well.

This letter box is to honor those who are studying multiplication tables. Most likely 3rd graders! ;o)

Located on Monte Sano Mountain park in the Hikers parking lot. Also known as Slough Trail and Natural Well Trail. THe first lot on the right after passing Burrit Museum off of Monte Sano Blvd. This will take you about 8 minutes to get to the letter box once you enter the trails.

Remember that the multiplication equations are based on my foot steps and will be an average since everyones stride is different. I will also include other clues in order to make sure you can find the letterbox easily.

Exiting the parking lot you will need to multiply 10 X 15 and take that many steps. After reaching the bottom of the trail which leads to the next trail turn left and walk about 5 X 2 steps. You will see a sign to your right that indicates which way to follow the Natural Well Trail. Proceeding along the Natural Well trail you see that the terrain changes to very rocky terrain. The rocky terrain will last for about 9 X 9 steps then a short break and then even more rocks. The next segment of rocky terrain will last for approx 12 X 12 plus 4 steps. Continuing down the trail you will see a tree that has fallen and hangs over the trail. At the point of passing under the fallen tree take about 7 X 7 plus 1 steps. On your right you will see a pile of several trees and large rocks in what may be the start of a ravine. Taking about 5 X 2 steps to the right you will come to a large rotting log which rests next to a large rock. The letter box is at the base of the rock.

Please be sure to re-hide the letter box well enough to keep from endangering the wild life and also to allow others to continue the hunt.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

We have two other letter boxes in the area. The nearest one to this location is called Tomb Stone Rock and the next nearest is Stonehenge on Monte Sano. Happy scouting.