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Burro Crossing LbNA #36666

Owner:MrOspital Contact
Plant date:Nov 11, 2007
Found by: stmpspaz
Last found: Jan 3, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 11, 2007
The story begins
In days of old,
In a town once known
for mining gold.

You can follow
Historic Route 66,
Till you get to the spot
Where people and burros mix.

When donkeys are fed
alfalfa cubes,
By the Arizona Girls
How can they lose?

The antiques and candles are real,
no spoof!
The saguaro cactus
grows right through the roof!

Near the cactus' base,
the stamp can be found.
But you must make sure,
no one else is around.

Be sure to check out the Burro Watering Hole Letterbox.