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Last Minute Love LbNA #36580

Owner:the ruBr stampers Contact
Plant date:Nov 4, 2007
Found by: DS
Last found: Sep 20, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 3, 2015
We put together this letterbox from odds and ends in our messy car. Nine months later we got round to upgrading the letterbox. Thanks to the 7 stampers who left notes for us!

Park at the western trailhead on Wolf River Blvd. Head toward the boondocks. On the way, use your imagination to find the tree that needs to use it, the tree with a knee, a yin-yang tree, the baby-belly-button tree, the grandaddy stump, the big peace symbol, and finally the big-daddy-belly-button tree. Look behind this tree for a little last minute love.