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Brighty LbNA #36018

Owner:Kristal & Ron Contact
Plant date:Oct 12, 2007
Found by: ???
Last found: Jul 27, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 12, 2007
Distance/Difficulty: An easy drive-by
Clues: May take some research

Named for Bright Angel Creek (his favorite playground), Brighty was a real burro that lived in the Grand Canyon from around 1892-1922. Although he was wild and roamed the canyon at will, he was also easily coaxed into carrying water, supplies, and children on his back when he came near the tourist accommodations. He met President Theodore Roosevelt on several occasions and was the first being to cross the original suspension bridge, over the Colorado River, at the bottom of the canyon. His story became a popular children’s book by Marguerite Henry and inspired a full-length movie.

Find the bronze statue of Brighty at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Rub his nose for good luck and take a picture – everyone else does! He’s a celebrity ‘round these parts! Walk about 100 yards to the NPS Visitor Center and Bookstore. Inside, on the desk with the official park and date stamp, you’ll find the Brighty stamp. Because letterboxing is not allowed in National Parks, there is no actual box and logbook. Please register your find on the letterboxing websites so we know who’s found him. Thanks!