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LA County Arboretum LbNA #3582

Owner:California Bear Contact
Plant date:Sep 4, 2002
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Violet Baudelaire
Last found: Jun 21, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 27, 2015
Planted by
Caretaker: California Bear (

*** If you are the planter of this letterbox and wonder why someone else's name is on it, this was done to continue listing the clues on the website. An attempt was made to contact you but was unsuccessful. Please contact me at for details. ***

Exit the 210 Freeway (East or West) on Baldwin Avenue
Turn South on Baldwin Avenue; the Arboretum is on the west side of Baldwin.

There is an admission fee. See the Arboretum website for current prices:

Once at the Arboretum, find parking and enter at the Entrance Pavilion.

Exit the Entrance Pavilion into the Arboretum grounds
Go STRAIGHT down the concrete path
Pass the Sunset Demonstration Gardens on your right
Stay on the asphalt Road
Take a LEFT at the Peacock Café sign
Walk past the Peacock Café on your left
At intersection, continue STRAIGHT
Pass a fountain in the distance on your left
At “Y” go LEFT
Pass Marie’s bench on your right
At “T” in the asphalt road, go RIGHT
Pass a dirt path with a bench on your left
Take the next dirt path to the LEFT
Almost immediately at intersection in dirt road go RIGHT
Follow dirt path
Pass through some tree stumps
At “Y” go LEFT
Continue on dirt path
Pass between palm trees
With the Lake facing you (a bench might obscure the view) take a RIGHT
Continue on the dirt road (a low log fence will be on your left)
At asphalt path turn LEFT
Continue on asphalt path
Pass the Buesch Family bench on your left
Take a LEFT back onto the dirt path
At start of dirt road, walk 20 paces,
Take a RIGHT under a tent of trees
Find a flat rock under a clump of trees, you have found the Los Angeles County Arboretum Letterbox.

This letterbox was placed on September 4, 2002. The walk is easy and not more than ½ mile. If there are any problems with the letterbox, please contact

Last reported find: 7/9/2004