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Little Miss Geisha LbNA #35643

Owner:awildflower Contact
Plant date:Sep 30, 2007
Found by: Riverbrady
Last found: Jul 29, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 30, 2007
taking interstate 5, Take exit 19 to Ashland. At the end of the off ramp, turn right. Take a left on Main St.Follow Main St. down to Lithia Park. Continue on and follow the road through the park, and past the large white fountin on the right. Continue on until you see the orental garden on your right. continue up the road a little ways and there will be parking next to the duck pond. Park it.Take a short stroll down the road wich you came. Until you see the stone stairs that lead up to the orental garden. Walk to the top of the stairs. To your right about 20 ft will be a path. At the beginning of this path you will see a sign that says "Douglas Fir" Follow the path up the hill.Take a left at the "Carrier Thorn" sign, follow the path along the stream.Turn right at the next path. Then take the rock path (it should be about 8-10 steps later)24 stones to the running creek.Cross the creek, take a left and walk down 31 stones. Turn right at the path . Walk pass "Ivey Leafed Maple", Threadleaf Falsecypress", and the "Alpine Totara".Continue approx. 40 ft up the path. There you will see a small set of stone stairs against a stone wall.There,
on the right side of the middle stair is a large white rounded rock, under wich is your treasure!