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Lightning Strike LbNA #35641

Plant date:Sep 29, 2007
Planted by:BIGDINO
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Oct 23, 2009
Last edited:Sep 29, 2007
Somewhere in the Rush Creek Open Space a lightning bolt hit something big and knocked it over, in its place is growing something new. This is your clue.

From 101 take the Atherton/San Marin exit. Turn East and follow Atherton until you reach Saddlewood Drive on the left. Turn down Saddlewood until you reach 200 Saddlewood Drive. Across the street is a pathway leading across a creek, after crossing, turn left and head down the trail until you reach a bridge. Cross it and turn right over another bridge. Follow the trail until you reach something on the left side of the trail that is very large and on its side. Stand at its base with the Gnoss Field Airport to your back and with it's new growth to your right. Look in the bottom left side. You will find the treasure box.

This is a hybrid letterbox and cache. Feel free to take a treasure but be sure to leave one of your own in its place.