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Autumn Leaves (Edmonton) LbNA #35589 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Sep 29, 2007
County:Alberta, CAN
Planted by:Obliterate Apron
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Sep 29, 2007
This letterbox commemorates halcyon September days! Today was one of them. We really enjoyed placing this box; it was truly beautiful out. I couldn’t take enough photos…

In September of 1986, I began my advanced education. I remember sitting by the windows of my calculus class, gazing south onto the river valley, and admiring the beautiful fall colours. Perhaps if I had paid better attention those first classes, I would have earned a better grade…

Can you figure out where I went to school that September? (Hint: this institution shares it’s name with a university in Montréal.) Once you know, look for the tallest cross.

At the cross, face south, cross the road, and turn to your right. Walk a few steps to the top of a wooden staircase.*

Descend the stairs, and turn to your left.

Take a few steps, walk across a short boardwalk, and descend another set of stairs.

Follow the path that runs beside the freeway. When the path forks, keep right.

Follow the path all the way to the end. Turn left and go under a bridge.

Under the bridge, there is a gate. Go through the gate and turn right.

Follow the path along the river.

Go past a tree on the right with exposed roots twisted like a pretzel.

Soon the path splits to go around one double and one single tree. Take 14 (adult woman) steps from the single tree.

Look for a stump on the right and, behind it, a tree with four branches that fell over on its right side.

Behind the base of the tree, hidden in the leaves, is the letterbox. Bring your own inkpad, and be sure to leave the letterbox well hidden when you’re finished.

Turn around and admire the lovely view of the river. Perhaps you’ll find a golf ball. I did!

* For “Tell Me Your Dream” and others who wish to avoid the first set of stairs, there is a gently descending path a little farther west. This path meets up with the foot of the stairs.