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Egyptian Mummy LbNA #35572 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Sep 28, 2007
Planted by:desert dragonfly
Found by: nedhead
Last found:Jan 31, 2009
Last edited:Sep 28, 2007
Egyptian history tells us that Pharoahs of ancient times would have their bodies embalmed after they died so they would be prepared for life after death. They would have their organs removed and preserved in canopic jars so they would have access to them in their afterlife. What better way to remember a bit of the past than to plant a letterbox at the pyramid at Papago Park.

Take Van Buren and head north on Galvin Parkway. Turn right onto the road that heads for the zoo. Take your first left and follow the Papago Park loop counterclockwise. Before you reach the ramada for the Hole in the Rock, turn right. Follow the road that leads up to Hunt's Tomb. Park your vehicle, then walk up the path to the tomb. Find the park bench that allows you to sit and view the giraffes at the zoo and the airport in the distance. After admiring the city for a while, look straight ahead and find a tree recently planted with a memorial saying the "Living Tree Celebration." Walk up to the tree and look to the right. 20 paces to the right there is a bush with a "tomb" of rocks with a canopic jar planted underneath the rocks. Inside the canopic jar there are 3 stamps that when properly stamped will spell the word "mummy." Enjoy. And please carefully replace the canopic jar so that it is completely hidden with the surrounding rocks. This area has heavy traffic and it will be taken if not hidden well.