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RB's Favorite LbNA #35404

Plant date:Sep 23, 2007
Planted by:Snake of Torture Contact
Found by: kelliskids
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 23, 2007
Take US 98 or W. Beach Drive to Balboa Ave. and go to the Walking Track which is between Garden Club Dr. and 11th St. Enter the Track on the Balboa Ave. side. You will need a compass to find this box.
Find the stone water fountain which is near the Balboa Ave. entrance to the Track
With your back to the water fountain, take a compass heading of approx 70 degrees for 20 adult steps to a large group of cracks in the asphalt walking path.
Now go East on the walking path to a point which is the mid-point of the intersection of the path and the first asphalt walking path coming in from the righthand side(not very far).
Continue East on the walking path for 31 steps to an opening or path which goes into the woods on the right hand side of the asphalt walking path.
Go South into the woods on the woods path for 22 steps.
Then go on a compass heading of 130 degrees for 7 steps to a pine tree,and find RB's Favorite at the base of the pine tree, covered with pine needles, leaves and sticks.

After finding the letterbox and replacing it, together with the leaves and sticks (thank you), enjoy the beautiful walking track with its excercise stations.

Revision: A while ago, someone pilfered the jar at this site and then someone placed a geocash jar at the site. As of Sept 1, the lettebox jar has been replaced and the site is active again.