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Sound Side Fishing LbNA #35297

Owner:Wed. Bowler, C. Cat Contact
Plant date:Sep 15, 2007
Found by: Buster Bunny
Last found: Nov 22, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 15, 2007
Find the Village where outlet shops abound.

Park your car in one of the spaces provided, then walk to the sound side. Always be mindful of the passing traffic. Find the Northwest corner of the metal guard rail, where white shell fragments form a triangle. Search the back side of the last (closest to the corner) support post on the sound side rail.

Magnetic Microbox, does not contain a logbook. We felt we would not be able to maintain a logbook, considering the small size of the box, and the fact that we are only in the area once per year. Because there is no logbook we ask that you please be certain to log your find, and add any comments, at and/or Otherwise, we will have no idea who has visited our box.

Please replace the box completely hidden from view.

Bring your own ink.